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We provide the most comprehensive Executive Protection services to the most distinguished clients and complex venues.

Training | Consulting

Atlas Glinn delivers high-demand classes in weapons and tactics to Military, LE, cleared U.S. Citizens, and corporate employees.


We offer a variety of investigative services such as comprehensive statements, surveillance investigations and background investigations

At Atlas Glinn, our passion is security – security for you and everything important to you.  Today, this is more important than ever.  We offer a full service, integrated approach that combines protection, training, consulting, and investigations.  Delivered by the best in the business, we have an offering to fit your needs.

Protection you can rely on


Atlas Glinn employs exceptionally trained Agents, PPO’s (Personal Protection Officers), and Commissioned officers.

We require all of our officers to have and maintain advanced training standards in deescalation, lifesaving medical, and weapons.  Atlas Glinn has a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that our Agents are fully covered by Liability insurance and workman’s comp.  Atlas Glinn also provides its officers with continuous training in de-escalation, emergency medical, weapons, client protection, and crowd management just to list a few.


A.G. + M.A.S.T.

Training Services

Atlas Glinn trains and consults through its sister company, MAST Solutions.

Learn. Practice. Master. Functionlize. Maintain.

MAST has been featured on Modern Shooter TV and in the Washington Post. Our clients range from the private to the public sector and various government – these include U.S. Military, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, DEA , SWAT and equally as important, the cleared US Citizen.

Our cadre brings deep diversity from the field of weapons and tactics. Having former Navy SEALs and Force Recon instructors fold in decades of combat experience into the tactical training we offer solidifies what you receive from MAST Solutions.  This deeply enhances the development of our students and the curriculum from which they are taught.  Tactical training classes include carbine, handgun, shotgun, team tactics, team building and emergency preparedness to name a few.

The Deepest Searches

SIU | Investigations

Atlas Glinn offers a variety of investigative services such as comprehensive statements, surveillance, and background investigations.

In the constantly changing, growing and highly competitive world of business today, companies need solutions, and these solutions need to be delivered with a focus on accuracy and efficiency.  At Atlas Glinn we have a highly diversified array of services designed to meet your insurance and corporate investigation needs, allowing you to focus on that which your company excels at. We are a full-service investigations company based in Houston, Texas and is uniquely situated to strategically fit your objectives.

We’ve all heard the stories of individuals claiming to be injured and filing either a worker’s compensation, or bodily injury claim.  Even theft of property or arson claims are filed, hoping to get a large settlement from an insurance company with deep pockets.  Some of those claims warrant benefits and some don’t.  The ones that do can be carefully handled in a claim examiner / investigator partnership.  The ones that don’t can be addressed by using appropriate tools to determine the facts and provide the client with a detailed report of the investigative findings.

Atlas Glinn offers a variety of investigative services such as comprehensive statements, surveillance investigations and background investigations.  All these services can and should be used to combat employee and insurance fraud.  With our Special Investigative Unit Services, our expertise, experience and flexibility allow us to provide the results needed for accurate workplace, and property and casualty insurance claims determination.

It is the claim examiner that has the responsibility to balance and coordinate all aspects of the claim, but it is the investigator who is to be the eyes and ears of claim’s examiner in the field.  At Atlas Glinn we have the expertise and experience to ensure each client gets the maximum return on their investigation investment.  It is this expertise in the area of claims management that gives us a unique overall perspective in partnering with the claims examiner to detect and shut down fraudulent claims.

Our investigative services include Comprehensive statement services for workers compensation, automobile, bodily injury, property and casualty and even beneficiary/dependent verification claims. When a thorough statement is taken and proper compensability assessments are made, Atlas Glinn can work with the claims examiner to further mitigate the claims cost through additional investigative services.   In addition to comprehensive statements, we offer Activity Check Investigations, Surveillance Investigations and Third-Party Subrogation Investigations.  Atlas Glinn also offers Light Sequence Assessments and Medical Clinic Inspections.

Atlas Glinn wants to partner with the claim’s manager throughout the entire claims process and provide the necessary information and documentation for the best possible claim outcome.  Our experience, attention to detail and respect for our clients, makes us your companies best possible choice for all your investigative needs.

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