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Co-Founder / CEO


Matthew Brockmann is the Founder and CEO.  Matthew Brockmann is AG’s DPS Qualified Manager, an active PPO (Personal Protection Officer), and the licensed lead instructor for Atlas Glinn.

The name and culture of Atlas Glinn came from the combination of the inspirational and highly regarded book, Atlas Shrugged and Eli Glinn.  Eli Glinn was orphaned at the age of two (I was adopted at the same age), and found himself in a military academy, where he developed a thirst for great challenges, and solving extremely difficult problems.  Glinn came through the Airborne, then Rangers and was an intelligence officer.  His team was amongst  the best in the field during the Vietnam war.  Glinn developed a suite of computer programs that work together to predict how a single person will react in a given situation, using history, sociology, and statistics.  He called it Quantitive Behavioral Analysis.
This is how Atlas Glinn came to be.  I believe in deliberate work, mental and physical discipline.  In the commitment to a whole and individual thought.  I believe that you must train successfully to be successful, and that failure is a by-product of the repetitions that create success.  It’s the dedication we talk about with our kids.  It has to be the uncompromising commitment to excellence.  Find the reason in your life; protect it, because time is something we can’t buy back with an insurance policy or life insurance.  Atlas Glinn provides training, protection, investigations and other solutions to be proactive and insure your “valuables.”  Insurance is a noun. a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.


Marco is on the Advisory Board, a licensed Instructor, and a EP Agent with Atlas Glinn. Marco is currently a Senior Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security and is based in Houston, Texas. He is assigned to a multi-agency task force targeting violent criminal gangs and related criminal organizations operating worldwide.

Marco served in the U.S. Navy and has over 33 years of military and federal law enforcement experience to his name. Marco has worked as a contract Security Specialist for over six years and has handled multiple multi-faceted events. Marco is a licensed concealed handgun instructor as well as a staff instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Marco has received numerous awards and accommodations to include being credited with saving a fellow officers life in a deadly force situation. Marco is the Training Agent for the Department of Homeland Security’s Rapid Response Team of which he is a founding member.


Mr. Jan Zawitkowski is a 32-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). While serving in the FBI’s Offices in New York, Washington, and Houston, he investigated and managed complex cases within top priority investigative programs of the FBI. These cases included counter-terrorism, foreign counter-intelligence, cyber, organized crime, and drug trafficking. Mr. Zawitkowski received numerous awards and commendations for his role in these investigations from Directors of the FBI, heads of various FBI offices and other Federal agencies. Mr. Zawitkowski was a member of FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).
Mr. Zawitkowski served as the FBI’s Coordinator for the Protection of Foreign Officials and Official Guests of the United States. Due to his bi-lingual proficiency and investigative experience, Mr. Zawitkowski participated extensively in the FBI’s International Training Initiatives, both at the FBI Academy at Quantico, and in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Zawitkowski obtained training in the area of Dignitary Protection by the United States Secret Service and the United States Department of State. He was selected to be in charge of a security detail for FBI Director Louis Freeh, and for many other dignitaries who accompanied the Director, during the Director’s travel to Poland. Mr. Zawitkowski coordinated all aspects of the security detail with appropriate officials from FBI Headquarters, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, and Polish security counterparts.

Mr. Zawitkowski obtained certification as an FBI Undercover Agent and has worked on several high-profile undercover cases within the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

Mr. Zawitkowski was a member of the FBI’s Washington DC and Houston SWAT teams, where he served as an assaulter and a sniper. Mr. Zawitkowski also obtained FBI’s certification as a firearms instructor.

Prior joining the FBI, Mr. Zawitkowski worked as a Quality Inspector for the General Motors Company in Rochester, New York. Mr. Zawitkowski obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, with a minor in East European studies, from Buffalo State University, Buffalo, New York.
Mr. Zawitkowski is a licensed private investigator, security consultant, security officer and personal protection officer in the State of Texas. Mr. Zawitkowski is also licensed by the Federal Air Marshall Service as an Armed Security Officer (ASO) for corporate clients.

John Perretti

John Perretti


From: 1979 School of Visual Arts, NY, NY. College Professor Until: 1989 Drawing and human anatomy.

From: 2015 President Shinto Corporation; Kyoto, Japan.

Founded Tao Jutsu Do, 1975. Currently retaining six black belts.

From: 1975 Founded Southampton Martial Arts Institute, Southampton, New York Until: 1977

From: 1982 Auxiliary/Reserve N.Y.C. Police Officer Until: 1997

From: 1984 Nutritional Consultant. Until: Present

From: 1997 Stunt Coordinator/Stuntman for Film and Television. Until: Present

From: 1983 Madison Avenue Muscle, Inc. NY, NY and Pistoia, Italy. Gym Founder and President. Owned and oversaw all day to day functions of two 2,000-member fitness centers, including hiring and scheduling of full time personal trainers, management of physical therapy department, aerobic facility and sales department. Until: 1992

From: 1985 Deigned seminars world-wide specifically for police officers, focusing on non-injurious containment tactics towards prisoners while in confinement.

From: 1991 Tao Jutsu Do Containment Seminars. Creator/founder/lead instructor. Until: Present

Coined; Mixed Martial Arts, 1983, re-used first ever in print, 1995.

From: 1995 Battlecade Presents ‘Extreme Fighting’, Pay-Per- View. Creator, Co-Executive Producer, Matchmaker, Fighters liaison and Promotional designs.

Color Commentator. Until: 1997

From: 1998 The Contenders Pay-Per-View. Creator, Co- executive Producer and Color Commentator 
Until: 1998

From: 1996 The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Matchmaker and Fighter’s Liaison.
Until: 2002

From: 1997 The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) JAPAN. Matchmaker
 Until: 1997

From: 2001 Actor. Until: Present

From: 2011 Non-Fiction Writer. Until: Present

From: 2006 Strength and Conditioning Coach for youth Football/Rugby Teams, Santa Monica and Venice, CA. Until: 2009

From 2011, National Olympic Weight lifting Coach

Founded and established ‘KK Shinto Corporation’ Japanese Company in 2014.

From: New York City Police Officer, N.Y.P.D. Until: 1992 Queens College, Queens, NY. New York

Screen Actors Guild

USA Olympic Weight Lifting Level 1 Coach

FROM: 2000 Black Belt Ju-Jitsu U.S.J.A. 
FROM: 1995

Black Belt from Gene Lebell in Judo/grappling (one of four worldwide), Maite Maite dojo

Head instructor: Tao Jutsu Do

Trained over fifteen world champions in MMA.


The Origin of a Species

and The Mixed Martial Arts