From my perspective

I was recently reading an article by Dave Kahle that spoke volumes to me. There is a certain power and attractiveness that accrues to those folks who take a stand and publicly express it. That’s called leadership, and the world is full of people looking for a leader. There is something compelling about a person who is committed to a cause that is bigger than just himself, who has the courage to declare that commitment not only for himself but on behalf of those in his sphere of influence, and to do so publicly for anyone who wants to hear it. The impact can be incalculable – spreading across geographies and dripping down into several generations. Like a stone thrown into a pool of water, the ripples of impact can spread beyond our ability to discern. It may even be the tipping point to transform a community.

Fairness – We will strive to provide our clients, contractors, partners, and team members fair solutions founded in integrity.

Confidentiality – We will value the information we receive and the information we dispense with due care and respect.

Transparency – We will hold ourselves to high standard of openness to maintain a culture of trust.

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