Liability Investigations

Liability Investigations Surveillance Accident Scene:  Liability Insurance Claims, encompasses many facets and roles: as an investigator, and insurance contract expert, and a person of empathy. Both the adjuster and investigator have an obligation to fulfill the promise made in the policy to defend and indemnify the insured. In doing so, they also protect the assets of the insurer so that only the claims owed are paid. The adjustment of a liability claim commences with the loss notice. When an insured incurs a loss, the policy requires that notice be given to the insurer. The insured reports the loss directly to the insurer or to his insurance agent or broker who reports the loss to the insurer. The insured’s report is then written in a document called a “Loss Notice”. It is the Loss Notice that starts the claims investigation. This is one of the most important documents the adjuster will see. It is the starting point of all liability claims.

It tells the adjuster:

  • When the loss occurred
  • The type of coverage the insured purchased
  • The type of loss
  • The insured’s name, address, and telephone number
  • The agent’s name and address
  • The location of loss
  • Identification of the claimant and the injuries to the person or property claimed

Whether there is anything that should be given special attention, such as if the claimant was hospitalized, or if an interpreter is needed. From this basic information, the investigator can prepare to meet the insured and the claimant. The policy requires that the insured cooperate in the investigation to defend the insured against the claim being presented by the claimant.

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