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Premises Liability


(PAR) is an effective security evaluation. In Premises – Liability cases, the “existence of a Legal Duty” element is essentially split into four parts:

  1. Plaintiff was invitee
  2. Defendant exercised control over the premises
  3. A dangerous premises condition existed
  4. Defendant had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition

A visual inspection of the condition of your property, surrounding property, general utilities and infrastructure are critical in making an appropriate assessment. This inspection serves to identify the property’s vulnerabilities. The Perimeter Assessment Report will provide you with mitigation solutions for your consideration. The primary focus of the report is on physical security and crime prevention remedies through environmental design.


The (PAR) is based on industry standard references and the acquired knowledge of the assessor’s professional experience. The assessor is then able to provide specifically tailored suggestions for the operational needs of your property.

With this complete evaluation in hand the property management owners will have the necessary information to lower risk in the following areas:

  • Reduce the number of motivated offenders
  • Make crime / offense more difficult to commit
  • Anticipate new types of crimes and find ways to stop them from occurring

Security is not a “one size fits all” measure. No two properties are the same therefore their security needs cannot be the same. Depending on the size, location, layout, and other factors adjustments must be made to meet the unique need.                                                                                          

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