Assets Checks

The purpose of an Assets Check Assets checks are conducted primarily for third party actions but also performed in some cases of fraud. The purpose of an assets check is to obtain as much information about an individual’s personal or a company’s business assets including all personal property, wages earned or any other identifiable forms […]


Experience has shown us that some injured workers will prolong their return to work by malingering or exaggerating their disabilities. Surveillance investigations should be initiated when you have good reason to believe the worker is misrepresenting his / her disability, and when visual evidence can be utilized or be a benefit in closing or managing […]

Domestic Investigations

The divorce process is messy and can become more complicated when emotions run high. Claims of abuse or neglect can determine which parent will retain custody of a child and under what conditions another parent can visit with their child. There are often claims of abuse or other factors that may determine a parent’s fitness; […]

Safety Culture – The Universal Industry Standard

Gone are the days when safety was an individual, or department representative who came around to make sure everyone was doing their job to “industry standard”; after all, an industry standard is merely a recommended practice and not a regulation that HAS to be followed. Industry standards are indeed just voluntary agreements in the private […]

Perform Risk / Gap Analysis

Perform Risk / Analysis In conducting the risk assessment of the property exposure, metrics are used. These metrics are a scoreboard. This allows the security professional to make the best possible risk-based solutions by quantitatively exposing areas of vulnerability. Deterrence Methods The goal for deference is to convince potential criminals that a successful crime is […]

Physical Security Assessment Scope

For a crime to occur, three conditions must be in place: Someone who wants to commit a crime A victim (Business) that does not present too many challenges No one to intervene and prevent the crime from occurring To combat crime your options are: Reduce the number of motivated offenders Make crime / offense more […]

Atlas Glinn’s Total Risk Management Services

Atlas Glinn is unique in our ability to provide comprehensive risk management solutions through an integrated approach involving security services, data analysis, special investigation resources and a partnership with our clients. Through cooperative efforts with clients and internal resources, Atlas Glinn is able to reduce client liabilities in a manner previously unavailable in the industry. […]

2020 Best of Katy Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Katy Business Hall of Fame! MAST Solutions is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Katy Award for three consecutive years. This distinction has qualified MAST Solutions for the 2020 Katy Business Hall of Fame. To commemorate your inclusion in this elite group an exclusive Hall […]

Premises Liability

PERIMETER ASSESSMENT REPORT (PAR) (PAR) is an effective security evaluation. In Premises – Liability cases, the “existence of a Legal Duty” element is essentially split into four parts: Plaintiff was invitee Defendant exercised control over the premises A dangerous premises condition existed Defendant had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition A visual inspection […]

Workplace Investigation

There is no shortage of news stories about the fallout that can come from harassment. Even if it takes place outside the workplace, harassment can affect an employer’s reputation and bottom line. When an employee makes a harassment  complaint an investigation is required. Courts have ruled that failure to investigate amounts to discrimination. The law […]