Matthew Brockmann

Co-Founder / CEO

Matthew oversees all training programs for the continued development and certification of AG Security Personnel, federal, state and local agencies, ex-military and both public and private sector clients. He has trained with or has hosted Navy SEALS, Recon Marines, DELTA, and Special Forces developing a comprehensive and vibrant training program for personal security. Matthew’s experience includes training U.S. Military, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, DEA, High Risk Warrant teams, SWAT and tactical teams. Additionally, Matthew is the Founder and President of MAST Solutions, a tactical training company located in Houston Texas.

Learn, Practice. Master. FunctionaLize. Maintain.

Atlas Glinn is unique in the industry as we provide best-in-class security and investigative services coupled with expert weapons and tactical training. A rare but synergistic combination.

We believe in deliberate work, mental and physical discipline in commitment to a whole and individual thought. We believe that you must train successfully to be successful and that failure is a normal by-product of the repetitions that create success. It is this dedication that we live by.

Atlas Glinn is a licensed Texas Department of Public Safety class C (C10467001), Security and Investigations company. Our Training Facility and offers certification and advanced training to law enforcement officers and civilians.


The Atlas Glinn leadership  provides high level customer service, through our experience and preparation; providing value to our clients with our comprehensive approach, in security, training, and investigative services.

Our cadre brings deep diversity from the field of security, investigations, and weapons and tactics. Having former Navy SEALs and Force Recon instructors fold in decades of combat experience into the tactical training deeply enhances the development of our students and the curriculum from which they are taught. Our investigators have years of experience from HPD, FBI and, the Dept. of Homeland Security to name a few. Our security teams have extensive experience tailored to Personal Protection, events and other security needs. We hire prior military or PD, with synergistic experience to solve your security needs. Our leadership is hand picked and steeped, deep with years of diversity coming from a variety of industries. Our core values permeate everything we do: Honor, Integrity, Discipline, Loyalty, Courage.

Dan Fleming


Marco Saltarelli


Jan Zawitkowski



Walter Chartrand


Dan Fleming is a former Houston Police Office and has over 30 years of investigative experience, both civil and criminal. Mr. Fleming’s law enforcement and insurance background has provided him a well-rounded understanding of key elements which go into the investigative process. Mr. Fleming approaches every investigation from a wholistic perspective, including but not limited to, surveillance and field investigations. Through in-depth client consultations, Mr. Fleming is able gather a comprehensive understanding of his client’s needs. He is then able to partner with his client’s legal representative in order to implement a successful strategy structured specifically for his client’s needs.

While working as a Houston Police officer, Mr. Fleming received several commendations. He was assigned to the tactical unit providing security for the G5 Summit in Houston, TX. He also conducted narcotics and vice investigations in a tactical unit, assigned to Houston Police Central Patrol.
Mr. Fleming’s investigative and security background bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding premises liability and security issues. He was certified with the Houston Police Department as a crime prevention officer and assisted businesses and property owners in lowering their crime rate and liability exposure.

He has been awarded for his excellence in investigations while employed with SAIF Corporation and Liberty Northwest. He also owned and operated a successful private investigations company while living in the northwest, prior to returning to Houston, TX in 2007. Mr. Fleming has worked with several district attorney offices, has testified in state and federal court, worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Inspector General and with the Department of Insurance. While conducting domestic and family related investigations he has also worked with Social Services.
Mr. Fleming has taken his vast experience and understanding of insurance investigations (bodily injury, premises and product liability, worker’s compensation, and fraud), and developed a unique tool used for claims management, The Guide to Investigations. This guide provides both insurance examiners and investigators the resources needed for successful claims management and fraud detection.

Mr. Fleming has provided training, mentorship, team leadership and collaboration in both security and investigations. His commitment to excellence in all aspects of his life are the catalyst that drives him, both personally and professionally.

Marco Saltarelli is on the Advisory Board, a licensed Instructor, and a EP Agent with Atlas Glinn. Marco is currently a Senior Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security and is based in Houston, Texas. He is assigned to a multi-agency task force targeting violent criminal gangs and related criminal organizations operating worldwide.

Marco served in the U.S. Navy and has over 33 years of military and federal law enforcement experience to his name. Marco has worked as a contract Security Specialist for over six years and has handled multiple multi-faceted events. Marco is a licensed concealed handgun instructor as well as a staff instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

He has received numerous awards and accommodations to include being credited with saving a fellow officers life in a deadly force situation. Marco is the Training Agent for the Department of Homeland Security’s Rapid Response Team of which he is a founding member.

Mr. Jan Zawitkowski was a 32-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). While serving in the FBI’s Offices in New York, Washington and Houston, he investigated and managed complex cases within top priority investigative programs of the FBI, to include counter-terrorism, foreign counter-intelligence, cyber, organized crime, and drug trafficking. Mr. Zawitkowski received numerous awards and commendations for his role in these investigations from a number of the Directors of the FBI, heads of various FBI offices and other Federal agencies. Mr. Zawitkowski was a member of FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

Jan was selected as the FBI’s Coordinator for the Protection of Foreign Officials and Official Guests of the United States. Due to his bi-lingual proficiency and investigative experience, heparticipated extensively in the FBI’s International Training Initiatives, both at the FBI Academy at Quantico, and in Eastern Europe.

Jan obtained training in the area of Dignitary Protection by the United States Secret Service and the United States Department of State. He was selected to be in charge of a security detail for FBI Director Louis Freeh, and for many other dignitaries who accompanied the Director, during the Director’s travel to Poland. He coordinated all aspects of the security detail with appropriate officials from FBI Headquarters, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, and Polish security counterparts.

Mr. Zawitkowski obtained certification as a FBI Undercover Agent and has worked on several, very successful, high-profile undercover cases within the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

Jan was a member of the FBI’s Washington Field and Houston Office SWAT teams, where he served as an assaulter and a sniper. Mr. Zawitkowski also obtained FBI’s certification as a firearms instructor.

Prior joining the FBI, Jan worked as a Quality Inspector for the General Motors Company in Rochester, New York. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, with a minor in East European studies, from Buffalo State University, Buffalo, New York.

Mr. Zawitkowski is a licensed private investigator, security consultant, security officer and personal protection officer in the State of Texas. He is also licensed by the Federal Air Marshall Service as an Armed Security Officer (ASO) for corporate clients.

Walter draws from 40 years of experience in aviation, transportation and safety.  He began flying professionally early in his career ultimately becoming an instrument and multi-engine rated pilot.  Walter’s formal education includes an Associate degree in Aeronautical Science and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Technical Education. 

Walter’s career has involved work with the world’s largest integrated oil companies where his talents are put to work ensuring fuel quality and safety through his own training and consulting company.  He serves as an advisor, auditor and trainer for numerous industrial organizations including the National Aviation Transportation Association, American Society for Testing and Materials and the International Aviation Transportation Association.  

Walter has been recognized for excellence in customer service training.  His experience includes work as an Aviation Customer Service Excellence Trainer, Quality Service Instructor through the Disney Institute and certification through Ritz Carlton as a Service Excellence Instructor 

Walter is passionate about working to improve the safety and operational success of the general, corporate, and commercial aviation industry.  He is a talented presenter, trainer and auditor with numerous editorial contributions in various aviation, transportation and safety publications. 

Mr. Chartrand regularly provides expert witness testimony in aviation accident proceedings and serves as an aviation safety inspector for various industrial regulatory agencies. 

Stan Alexander



Alex Albert


Jim Hopkins


Katherine Sabom


Stan Alexander brings over 20 years of experience in Hospitality Loss Prevention and Security. In addition to leading a loss prevention staff, he has developed and implemented accident reduction programs and has led the industry by setting pro-active safety, service, and customer care programs. He has created fire manuals, emergency guidelines and Hazardous Material Handling Procedures Manuals that meet OSHA regulatory guidelines and provided resources and guidance for small businesses to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. While working for the Greater Greenspoint Management district, Mr. Alexander created and directed the Security Alert notification network which communicated, educated, and alerted area hotels and business owners of potential criminal activity. He directed a safety and security program throughout the 12-square mile Greenspoint business area, reducing crime by 14%.

Mr. Alexander has been recognized for seven consecutive years with Hotel Lodging Association, IHG Safety and Security Americas Award and the IHG Global Safety Award out of 4,200 hotels for two consecutive years. He received the Thomas G. Davis Lifetime Achievement Award, American Hotel Lodging Association. He dramatically reduced shrinkage of 36% by implementing loss prevention measures. He was appointment Safety and Security Chair at the Houstonian Hotel Motel Lodging Association and is a committee member of the Houston Fire Department TRIAD Committee.

Mr. Alexander is a strong team builder, mentor, and trainer. He has proven leadership skills, is a skilled decision maker and an adept negotiator. He is a dynamic problem solver, an effective creative communicator and is an effective collaborator providing analysis and needs based solutions.

Alex Albert is a former oil & gas industry executive with over 21 years of experience in operations, and strategy development across the globe. During his last role as Global Standard Work Support Manager, Alex was instrumental in the development and roll out of a Connected Worker Platform throughout North & South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He successfully instituted double digit revenue and margin growth for numerous businesses ranging from $10M – $100MUSD revenues. During his career in oil & gas industry management he received numerous awards for increasing market share, rapid business system deployment, and instituting cultural change.

As MAST Solutions Vice President Facilities & Strategy Alex is responsible for the overall management of the 36-acre training facility including land development, security, and compliance. In addition, he works closely with the rest of the executive team to develop strategies promoting growth and developing strategic partnerships.

Alex is an avid firearms enthusiast with a License to Carry Handgun, and currently holds a Brown Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Professor Romulo Reis and Master Rilion Gracie.

Financial Advisory Board and BOD

Katherine is a Certified Public Accountant with over ten years of experience in payment fraud risk management and more than four years of corporate finance experience.

Most recently, she worked at First Data with national retail clients to leverage retail transaction data and develop and implement models, business rules and processes that mitigated payment fraud. Before working at First Data, she worked in the profitability analysis group at Continental Airlines that provided reporting on the financial results at the flight level. Her commitment to accurate and timely statistical and financial analysis and attention to detail enabled her to succeed in these roles. She built longstanding relationships with clients by working with them to understand their needs and find solutions.

Katherine’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently working toward her Certified Fraud Examiner certification.