Matthew Brockmann

Founder and CEO

M. Brockmann oversees the AG Security Division and all training programs for the continued development and certification of AG Security Personnel.  

He has trained with or has hosted Navy SEALS, Recon Marines, DELTA, and Special Forces, developing a comprehensive and vibrant training program for personal security. Matthew’s experience includes training U.S. Military, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, DEA, High Risk Warrant teams, SWAT and tactical teams. Additionally, Matthew is the Founder and President of MAST Solutions, a tactical training company located in Houston Texas.

Learn, Practice. Master. FunctionaLize. Maintain.

Atlas Glinn is unique in the industry as we provide best-in-class security and coupled with expert weapons and tactical training. A rare but synergistic combination.

We believe that you must train successfully to be successful. It is this dedication that we live by.

Atlas Glinn is a licensed Texas Department of Public Safety class C (C10467001), Security and Investigations company.

Our Training Facility offers certification and advanced training to law enforcement, military, Personal Protection Officers, and law abiding civilians.

Only the best

The Atlas Glinn leadership provides high level customer service, through our experience and preparation; providing value to our clients with our comprehensive approach, in security, training, and investigative services.

Our cadre brings deep diversity from the field of security, investigations, and weapons and tactics. Having former Navy SEALs and Force Recon instructors fold in decades of combat experience into the tactical training deeply enhances the development of our students and the curriculum from which they are taught. Our investigators have years of experience from HPD, FBI and, the Dept. of Homeland Security to name a few. Our security teams have extensive experience tailored to Executive Protection, Dignitary Protection, events and other security needs.

Our leadership is hand picked and steeped deep with years of diversity, coming from a variety of industries. Our core values permeate everything we do: Honor, Integrity, Discipline, Loyalty, Courage.

Andrew Vitale


Executive Protection Specialist

Marco Saltarelli

Executive Protection Specialist

Investigations liaison 

Matty Mathis

Training and Special Operations
Executive Protection


Jan Zawitkowski

Investigations Liaison 



Cyber Security Team

Forensic IT

Jim Hopkins