Marco Saltarelli

Executive Protection Specialist
Investigations liaison

About Marco

Marco Saltarelli is on the Advisory Board, a licensed Instructor, and a EP Agent with Atlas Glinn. Marco is currently a Senior Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security and is based in Houston, Texas. He is assigned to a multi-agency task force targeting violent criminal gangs and related criminal organizations operating worldwide. Marco served in the U.S. Navy and has over 33 years of military and federal law enforcement experience to his name. Marco has worked as a contract Security Specialist for over six years and has handled multiple multi-faceted events.

Marco is a licensed concealed handgun instructor as well as a staff instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He has received numerous awards and accommodations to include being credited with saving a fellow officers life in a deadly force situation. Marco is the Training Agent for the Department of Homeland Security’s Rapid Response Team of which he is a founding member.


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