Duncan "Matty" Mathis

Lead Instructor

About Matty


Matty Mathis is veteran of the US Marine Corps and has many years of working and training with law enforcement agencies at the Local, State and Federal level. As well as assisting and coordinating training for some of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 units in our Armed Forces. He gained this while employed with the Asymmetric Warfare Group, in Fort Meade MD, as well as his time serving in the Infantry with the Marine Corps. Since moving to the private security sector, he has expanded his experience and knowledge in assisting clients, such as corporate executives with their day-to-day routines, private large- and small-scale events, and protection details. He is also well versed in immediate medical care and defensive driving.


Mr. Mathis has been an active member in the personal protection and security industry since 2011. Focusing on high threat security prevention and response. While serving in the Marines he laid the groundwork for his career. During his time as a private security contractor, he has been able to work alongside a multitude of federal agencies to include the US Air Marshals, US Marshals Fugitive Recovery Teams, FBI HRT, State Department, as well as CA, VA and MD state and local SWAT teams. Mr. Mathis has been able to provide close protection for private clients while at events, but also in their private lives, from logistical support to daily tasks. Matty continues his knowledge and education in his field, providing the client with options best suited to their particular needs and requests, while also ensure their safety is always priority and paramount in his actions.


English, Spanish


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