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Perform Risk / Gap Analysis

Perform Risk / Analysis In conducting the risk assessment of the property exposure, metrics are used. These metrics are a scoreboard. This allows the security

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Premises Liability

PERIMETER ASSESSMENT REPORT (PAR) (PAR) is an effective security evaluation. In Premises – Liability cases, the “existence of a Legal Duty” element is essentially split

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Workplace Investigation

There is no shortage of news stories about the fallout that can come from harassment. Even if it takes place outside the workplace, harassment can

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Obtain Statements

How to obtain Statements, from the insured, the claimant and the witnesses. Statement: The statement is not a deposition; however, it does carry the formality,

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Liability Investigations

Liability Investigations Surveillance Accident Scene:  Liability Insurance Claims, encompasses many facets and roles: as an investigator, and insurance contract expert, and a person of empathy.

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From my perspective

I was recently reading an article by Dave Kahle that spoke volumes to me. There is a certain power and attractiveness that accrues to those

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